Other Civil Cases

There was a time – a simpler time – when many lawyers were in “general practice,” which means they handled whatever cases came through the door. Today, outside of the most out-of-the-way places, it is rare to find lawyers in general practice. The world, and the practice of law, simply have grown too complex. In order to do a good job for clients in today’s world, lawyers must narrow their focus.

At The Schaps Law Office, our focus is on civil litigation. This means we generally do not work on criminal cases or handle matters, such as estate planning or real estate transactions, that do not constitute litigation. (“Litigation” can be defined as lawsuits, arbitrations, and negotiations that might lead to a lawsuit or arbitration.) As mentioned elsewhere on this website, many of the cases we handle can be described as business disputes, personal injury cases, and appeals. But not close to all of our cases fall into these categories. At the Schaps Law Office, we regularly handle a broad range of civil disputes – from will and trust challenges to elder abuse cases, property and contract disputes to employment and disability claims. We also handle disciplinary matters for U.C. Davis students. Handling a broader range of civil cases makes the practice of law more interesting, and it allows us to help a broader range of clients.

If you are facing a civil dispute of any kind, call The Schaps Law Office to see how we can help.